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(Richmond, IN)--Wayne County Prosecutor Mike Shipman has released a statement explaining why charges were dropped against three DORN Center defendants.  That suboxone clinic was shut down two years ago after allegedly illegally distributing medication.  Shipman said that Dr. Larry Ley was found not guilty in a central Indiana trial in August in a case that was very similar to Wayne County’s.  Consideration of double jeopardy was a primary factor in the decision to drop the local charges against Ley and two other defendants. Below is the statement in its entirety:


Charges filed against Dr. Larry Ley, Dr. Ronald Vierk and nurse Yvonne Morgan were dismissed on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016.  Dr. Ley was found not guilty during a trial in Hamilton County, Indiana, in August of this year.  Our charges were based on very similar conduct that occurred in Wayne County.  I recently finished my review of the trial transcript.  Judge Nation in Hamilton County found that Dr. Ley did not knowingly prescribe medications outside the normal course of professional practice.  For this reason and double jeopardy prohibitions, I have concluded that further prosecution of the three co-defendants is no longer appropriate.