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(Fountain City, IN)--While the Northeastern School Board and Superintendent remained quiet Wednesday night on the suspension of High School Principal Wes Wisner, members of the community did not.  Several people indicated Wednesday night that one of Wisner’s two suspensions this year came because he put the school on lockdown without notifying Superintendent Laura Blessing when a felony suspect was thought to be in the area.  "Most of us sit in the dark most of the time wondering what's going on," said one attendee Wednesday night.  Indiana State Trooper Eric Fields is also a Northeastern parent.  "I need to have answers because I need to know what we're doing to make our children safe.  If our kids aren't safe in our school, it doesn't matter what else we're doing," Fields said.  No response was offered by the Board Wednesday night other than from Board Member Keith Webster, who called the situation "a need-to-know basis."  Wisner remains on administrative leave.

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