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(Richmond, IN)--Richmond Common Council met Monday night and approved the 2018 budget, but it wasn’t without some discussion and it wasn’t unanimous.  Council members Misty Hollis and Jamie Lopeman voted against passage.  Lopeman spoke Tuesday morning about the reason for his no vote.  "Union contracts are not in place and insurance rates are not established," Lopeman said.  But, he said he saw improvement this year.  "I will admit that the budget this year was a lot better.  It came a long way as far as the process and getting where we need to be," Lopeman added.  Passage of the Sanitation ordinance at Monday night’s meeting of the Richmond Common Council was delayed when Lopeman voted against engrossment.  "This was roughly $29 in tax debt that would be added to our citizens.  I also feel that all members of Council need to be present and accounted for and on the record for a vote of this magnitude," Lopeman explained.  Two council members were out Monday night.  The sanitation plan includes a proposed 35% rate increase to customers over three years.

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