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(Richmond, IN)--After intense scrutiny and pressure Monday, the Help The Animals Board finally admitted that the shelter did, in fact, euthanize at least seven healthy dogs.  Since its inception, Help has branded itself as a no-kill shelter.  The admission came after 12 employees and volunteers indicated that they were instructed by the Board to lie about what had happened to the dogs, which went missing from the Help Center earlier this month.  In a prepared statement, the Help Board said that the dogs were euthanized because they represented a bite risk.  The Help Center’s director has been placed on administrative leave.  Kicks 96 and The Point News began to attempt to contact Board members as early as 8:30 Monday morning for explanation and reaction.  Not a single Board member responded all of Monday.  In the Help Shelter Board’s statement of admission that the shelter recently euthanized seven dogs determined to be bite risks came another admission:  a total of 52 animals have been euthanized at what is branded as a no-kill shelter.  The Help Board statement indicates that 33 of those animals were terminally ill, but 19 others were put down because they were bite risks.  The issue exploded Monday when 3500 people signed an online petition demanding an explanation and action.  The Board also claims that it is reviewing procedures and has successfully found homes for 5600 animals in the last five years

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