Local News


(Richmond, IN)--A dispute over food at a Richmond McDonald’s resulted in a shot fired Monday morning, and the alleged shooter is a 91-year-old man.  It happened at about 3:45 Monday morning at the McDonald’s at 18th and East Main.  91-year-old Johnnie Douglas of Richmond allegedly fired at least one shot while sitting in the drive-thru lane.  The initial report indicates he fired at the driver of another car in the drive-thru line but did not strike anyone.  Douglas was taken into custody.  A second person, who was reportedly a McDonald’s employee, was also taken into custody.  He’s been identified as 39-year-old Phillip Bailey of Richmond.  Bailey is charged with intimidation and disorderly conduct.  Douglas was charged with criminal recklessness and pointing a loaded firearm.  The initial report was that the argument started over a tomato.  Note:  the mugshot of Douglas was not immediately available.