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(Richmond, IN)--Beverly Budd, who resigned earlier this week as the city of Richmond’s Building Commissioner, spoke Wednesday about her decision.  Budd said that she resigned over her frustration at conditions inside the city building.  "The only word I can think of is 'toxic.'  It was not good for me," Budd said.  She said some city employees are not on the same page.  "We're all working, I guess, in different circles.  I don't even get it."  Budd said she will be working in the same capacity but will be independent of city restraints.  "There are a lot of incredible people out there that are working to make Richmond a better place.  But, by the same token, there's a number of them that are trying to keep it exactly the same as it is."  The city issued a statement Wednesday saying that Budd’s resignation gives it a chance to "continue to reexamine our talent deck."  Budd's resignation this week came on the heels of the resignation of Jack Cruse.

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