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(Richmond, IN)--There is a proposal to convert 7th Street in Richmond to a one-way street going north.  That proposal was made during Wednesday’s construction meeting of a Stellar project that will also place a bike path on 7th Street.  The issue is that the bike and walking paths, as designed now, would reduce the width of 7th Street.  First responders have indicated it would be difficult for fire trucks and busses to navigate the street when the new paths are finished unless the street is changed to one-way.  One downtown Richmond business owner, who also happens to be a Wayne County Council member, is already voicing his opposition.  Pete Zaleski, who is the owner of Phillips Drugs, called it an "awful idea."  Zaleski said that he would rally other business owners to oppose converting 7th Street into a one-way street.  The Board of Public Works will ultimately make the decision.

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