Local News


(Connersville, IN)--Fayette Regional Health System has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.  A statement issued by the hospital in Connersville says that Fayette Regional faces unfunded care mandates, government funding cuts, and other challenges.  The statement goes on to say that Fayette Regional could not continue to operate under mounting debt and tightening financial resources.  The filing does not mean that Fayette Regional is closing; instead, it will give the hospital the opportunity to reorganize its debt.  The hospital was founded back in 1913.  While the hospital will remain open, one department will not.  Fayette Regional has announced that it will end obstetric services on October 19.  The hospital is collaborating with other hospitals that offer obstetric services to make the transition for expectant mothers easier.  Mothers entering the ER to deliver babies will be stabilized and sent to other hospitals.  Staff members are being offered other jobs inside the hospital.  Fayette Regional’s gynecology and pediatric services will remain open.