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(Richmond, IN)--Richmond Common Council Monday night approved a four-year, three-quarters-of-a-million-dollar bond to fund various equipment and infrastructure upgrades for the Park Department.  Council approved the bond 7-2, but virtually all members expressed disappointment with how it came about.  "Here we are...first quarter...and all of a sudden the sky is falling and we need money," said Misty Hollis.  "I was hoping tonight that we would have a solution presented that would finance this short of issuing bonds," added Clay Miller.  Jamie Lopeman echoed their sentiments.  "I don't like the way this happened, but I do understand the need.  At  this point, I will support it begrudgingly."  Some council members wanted the issued addressed during last year’s budget process.  Bruce Wissel called the process a step away from a payday loan.

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