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(Richmond, IN)--The mother of the Dennis Intermediate School shooter Brandon Clegg is now facing six felonies in connection with events leading up to that incident last December.  "I just don't think he would.  That wasn't my son,"  said Mary York in response to being asked if she thought her son was capable of trying to shoot and kill Dennis students.  But charging documents indicate her response is far from the truth.  Prosecutors say York was well aware of her son’s mental health issues, neglected to provide him medical care for months, and gave him access to guns.  Clegg had told doctors for weeks that he wanted to kill other students.  He was prescribed medication, but York allegedly told him he didn’t have to take it.  York told the Dr. Ox Show there were no warning signs.  She also allegedly never told police he had fired a gun inside the home two months before the shooting.  York has not been taken into custody.