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(Richmond, IN)--Morrison-Reeves Library has released a statement on the inclusion of female impersonator Sweet T in its Community Voices series in which guests read to children.  Here’s the statement in its entirety:


"Sweet T is a local entertainer who headlined at the Pride Festival in Elstro Plaza last June.  Sweet T has an elementary education background and is looking forward to sharing a message of joy through music and reading to the children in attendance.  Morrison-Reeves has moved the event to the Bard Room due to the larger-than-expected attendance.  The library offers a wide range of creative programs.  Not all programs are of interest to everyone."


Sweet T is scheduled to read in May.


Note:  On Thursday, Kicks 96 and 101.7 The Point News attached an incorrect photo of the performer to its initial report.  The photo accompanying this story is the correct performer.  Kicks 96 and 101.7 The Point News was unaware there were multiple people performing under that name and apologizes for the error.

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