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(Richmond, IN)--A Richmond firefighter who was stricken with Covid-19 and was hospitalized has returned home.  Nick Arbogast described his experience on Thursday through a series a social media updates posted by his wife.  "It's been a long process for sure, but it's good to be home," Arbogast said.  Arbogast spent a total of three nights in the hospital.  He said a particular drug helped.  "They started me on hydroxychloroquine mixed with zithromycin and I immediately began feeling better with that."  He’s still feeling the effects.  "I'm still a little short of breath...still trying to get my lungs back a little bit.  But I'm really feeling pretty good," Arbogast said.  He is able to be in the same room with his family as long as he wears a masks and keeps a safe distance.

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