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(Richmond, IN)--Although it’s not a mandate yet, it is likely that masks will soon be required in public in Wayne County.  Thursday, the Wayne County Board of Health unanimously voted to recommend that Wayne County Commissioners and Richmond Mayor Dave Snow issue an order that would require a mask be worn by everyone inside public places and even outside when social distancing is not possible.  The recommendation is prompted by several disturbing Covid-19 statistics.  On Wednesday alone, Wayne County had 14 new cases.  That’s more than double the previous single-day high.  The positivity rate for testing has tripled in the last week.  County Commissioners are not scheduled to meet again until Wednesday of next week to address a possible mandate.  Many people have already expressed stiff opposition to what will likely soon be a mask-wearing mandate in public in Wayne County.  After Thursday’s announcement, many residents took to social media to say they would not comply.  And that brings the question of enforceability into question.  In nearby Butler County, which already has a mask mandate, here’s what Sheriff Richard Jones said.  "I am not the mask police.  I am not going to enforce any mask-wearing."  When the mask mandate began in places like College Corner and Oxford, 911 was inundated with calls from people reporting that other people were not wearing masks.  Right now, there are full or partial mask mandates is six of Indiana’s 92 counties.

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