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(Wayne County, IN)--The age to get the Covid-19 vaccine has now dropped to 65.  Both the Wayne County Health Department and Reid Health issued statements Monday indicating the drop in age from 70 to 65 has gone into effect.  Reid offers vaccination clinics at the Kuhlman Center as well as in Liberty, Connersville, and Lynn.  The Health Department is continuing at the former Elder-Beerman building.  Those who want vaccines must still register online at ourshot.in.gov.  Final numbers are in for January for Covid-19 in Wayne County and they’re very encouraging.  The number of deaths in Wayne County was more than cut in half from December to January and less than half what it was in November.  The number of new cases dropped nearly 42% from December.  The county’s positivity rate dropped again yesterday is down to 7.1%.  Something happened Monday on the Covid-19 front that hasn’t happened in Wayne County since October 5.  There were only four new cases reported Monday.  That’s the first time that less than five daily cases were reported since the county had three on October 5.  Although the number of deaths is dropping, they have gotten younger in Wayne County recently.  Four of the last five to die with Covid-19 have been under the age of 70.  With Covid-19 numbers improving greatly, here’s an updated look at the risk of attending gatherings.  As of yesterday and according to a Georgia Institute of Technology study, if you attend an event with ten people in Wayne County, there’s a 12% chance one of them will be Covid-19 positive.  A 50-person gathering presents a 47% chance at least one is positive.  And, for a 500-person gathering, it’s a virtual certainly – 99% - that one person will be positive.