Local News


(Richmond, IN)--Positive local Covid-19 news is coming almost daily now.  Here’s Tuesday’s dose.  The number of Covid-19 patients in Reid Health containment areas has dropped to 38.  That the fewest number of Covid-19 patients Reid has had on a Monday since last October 19.  Also, Wayne County’s positivity rate has dropped again and is now down to 5.3%.  Only 13 new cases were added in Wayne County Monday, and there were no Covid-19 deaths.  Indiana’s new color-coded Covid-19 map comes out tomorrow.  And, when it does, Wayne County is expected to improve.  "It is expected that Wayne County will be reduced to the yellow ranking on Wednesday to reflect the decrease in transmission in Wayne County," said Christine Stinson with the Wayne County Health Department.  Current restrictions will stay in place – at least for a while.  "The Covid-19 restrictions for the orange ranking will stay in place until Wayne County has been ranked yellow for two consecutive weeks," Stinson explained.  Wayne County has been in the orange for the last several weeks.