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(Richmond, IN)--Reid Health administered its 20,000th COVID-19 vaccine dose Tuesday, but officials there would like to do much more. Reid says it has the supplies and capacity at its public vaccination clinic at the Kuhlman Center to give several hundred per day. Anyone looking to sign up to get the vaccine at the Kuhlman Center can do so through the Indiana Department of Health’s website at ourshot.in.gov or they can call 935-8484 during the clinic’s regular operating hours of 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday.  Reid Health is now accepting signups for a standby list for COVID-19 vaccinations. Vials of the vaccine hold multiple doses, and once each is thawed those doses must be used within a certain period or be discarded. Cancellations or no-shows can result in leftover doses at the end of each day at the Kuhlman Center clinic. Now, the standby list will be used to make sure those extra doses don’t go to waste. To be added to the list, you must sign up on the Reid Health website. Calls will begin 1-2 hours before the clinic closes. To receive the vaccine, you must be an Indiana resident and must be able to get to the Kuhlman Center within 30 minutes of receiving the call. Keep in mind that being on the list does not guarantee you’ll be called.  The age to get the Covid-19 vaccine in Indiana continues to drop.  The Wayne County Health Department indicated Tuesday that the county is now included in a minimum age that has dropped to 55 at either the former Elder-Beerman or Kuhlman Center.  Beginning Wednesday, Wayne County venues can hold events with up to 250 people as long as there can be six feet of separation.  Attendees of those larger events will still have to wear a mask.