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(Hamilton, OH)--The man who demanded his girlfriend get rid of her three children and then dumped the body of one of them into the Ohio River was sentenced Tuesday.  James Hamilton received 15-19 years for his role in the abuse and death of James Hutchinson at Rush Run in Preble County.  Hamilton did apologize Wednesday.  "I'm terribly sorry about what happened to all three children."  But he then shifted all blame.  "That night, I felt she was taking the kids someplace safe.  When I found out what was going on, I told her to bring them back home and she would not listen to me." Hamilton claimed.  It dumbfounded a prosecutor.  "Are you kidding me?" he said in response.  The boy’s body has never been found.  It does not border on the Ohio River, but Preble County remains the lead agency in the search for the body of James Hutchinson.  James was murdered at Rush Run in Preble County earlier this year, and his body was tossed off a bridge into the river near Lawrenceburg.  Sheriff Mike Simpson said Wednesday that there are no plans to end the search for James and there is still hope that his remains will be recovered.

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