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(Centerville, IN)--The dispute between Centerville’s Town Council President and a member continued Tuesday night.  At issue, in part, is a $26,000 bill for legal fees regarding a Main Street business.  It didn’t take long Tuesday night for things to turn nasty.

Member:  I think it was very inappropriate for you to accuse me of costing this city $26,000.

President:  Well, I could say the same thing about you right here.


The dispute continued.


Member:  So therefore, you have the right to embarrass and humiliate me in front of Centerville?

President:  Do you want all the Facebook stuff where you bashed me?


And, it ended with this threat.

Member:  I'll bring it up here in a little bit.

President:  No, we're not.

Member:  Okay, thank you, sir.

President:  You're welcome.

Member:  Indianapolis will be called.

President:  Fine.


 Other members of council did not comment on the issue Tuesday night.

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