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(Richmond, IN)--Wayne County Commissioner Ken Paust has now filed an official response to a foreclosure filed against Paust and his wife, Linda, by First Bank.  First Bank alleges that the Pausts have failed to pay back $733,000 on a ten-year-old mortgage covering several tracts of land on or near Salisbury Road.  Paust had told Kicks 96 and the Point News back in March that the land had been sold on contract, that the buyer had failed to make payments to the Pausts, and that allowing it to go to foreclosure was the easiest way for First Bank to take control of the property.  In the response, filed through Rush Circuit Court, Paust’s attorneys list 41 answers in which they admit or deny allegations or say that the evidence speaks for itself.  Paust’s attorneys also list 11 defenses.  One of those 11 defenses states that any loan to any Defendant by First Bank was forgiven.