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(Dayton, OH)--The man accused of shooting Richmond Police Officer Seara Burton is now headed back to prison in Indiana.  Phillip Lee appeared in a Montgomery County courtroom Tuesday, marking his first appearance since being released from the hospital.  Lee waived his extradition.  Once notified, Indiana authorities will be able to come and get him.  Lee is not expected to go to the Wayne County Jail.  Rather, he’ll go straight to prison because his new charges are a violation of his probation from his most recent of numerous prison sentences.  There has been no change in Seara’s condition in the last 24 hours.  At Tuesday's hearing, Lee questioned the charges he faces.  t’s a little difficult to understand, but here’s Lee questioning a judge yesterday about how many counts of attempted murder he’s currently facing (actuality 31305).  The answer is three, based on his alleged shooting of Officer Burton and firing at two other officers.  After waiving extradition yesterday, Lee is headed back to an Indiana prison on a parole violation.  His earliest release for his parole violation would be April of 2024 but that, of course, does not include any new charges connected to the shooting.