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(Richmond, IN)--The body of Richmond Police Officer Seara Burton will be returned to Richmond Monday afternoon.  Officer Burton died late Sunday night at Reid Health.  Her body was then taken to Dayton for autopsy.  A procession of law enforcement personnel will escort her casket back to Richmond Monday afternoon.  Members of the public, who have been incredibly supportive over the 39 days that have passed since she was shot, are being invited to line the streets of the city Monday afternoon.  Here are the details you’ll need to know:  The procession is leaving downtown Dayton at 1:30 Monday afternoon.  It will pass through Preble County on I-70 and will enter Richmond on U.S. 40 at the state line – likely at around 2:15.  It will then travel west along National Road East and East Main, and then to North A Street.  It will then make a left turn onto 5th Street, where it will pass by her police vehicle.  That vehicle has sat in front of the city building and now serves as a focal point for the community.  From there, the procession will continue onto National Road West, where it will end at Doan & Mills Funeral Home.  Well-wishers who are lining the streets are being asked to stay in safe locations.  They’re also being asked to refrain from stopping on the shoulder of I-70.