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(Eaton, OH)--More details were released Wednesday afternoon about the Tuesday night murder in Eaton that Kicks 96 and 101.7 The Point news reported Wednesday morning.  The victim of 35-year-old Heidi Matheny is her own 93-year-old grandmother.  "The circumstances, to say the least, are upsetting," said Eaton Police Chief Steve Hurd.  Alice Matheny was doing dishes in the kitchen sink when her granddaughter attacked.  "She started to drown her in the sink...wasn't convinced she was deceased, and then moved her to the bathtub and drowned her in the bathtub," Hurd explained.  Heidi Matheny was her grandmother’s caregiver.  A doctor had recommended that Alice Matheny go to a nursing home, Heidi Matheny had said she couldn’t afford it because she owns her home.  After the homicide, Heidi Matheny walked to the sheriff’s department and turned herself in.