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The Impossible Question


Less than 10% of all men know how to do this when eating; what is it?


It has everything to with with table etiquette 
It has everything to do with the napkin 

Less than 10% of all men know how to properly fold a napkin!  

And just in case you want to learn how….
Fold the napkin in half. With the napkin laid out face-down in front of you, fold the top corners down to the bottom corners (fold the napkin in half, towards you).
Fold it in half again. Fold it in half again to form quarters.
Fold down the top corner. ...
Turn it over. ...
Fold it into thirds. ...
Tuck. ...
Turn over and begin eating! 

Congratulations to April Quinn of of Centerville, IN for being the first to answer the Impossible Question! 


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