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Introducing Kicks a Night's newest member, Barbara!

I grew up in Clarksville, TN - just outside Nashville. I was lucky enough to grow up immersed in the world of country music. As a teenager in the 90s, I once stood in line for 12 hours to meet Garth Brooks. He was awesome, but my mom thought I was insane! Yes, I’m still a music dork. In my free time I volunteer with animal rescues and dream about traveling the world. I have 2 little rescue pups named Mazikeen and Bernice. As Bob Barker would say, “Spay and Neuter your pets!” and “Adopt, don't shop!”

Tune in from 7:00pm - 11:00p for your favorite country artists, facts, things going on, and more! Be sure to use the Kicks 96 FM Mobile app and send in your song requests.