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Secret Sound

We are giving away over $2500 in cash and prizes!!


Listen at 7:20 with Sean and Dave, 12:20 with Jen Steele and 4:20 with Jim Callahan for the playing of the Kicks 96 Secret Sound, presented by Apple Farm Service!


We’ll ask for caller 9 on the Kicks lines (966-64-65 or 877-Kicks 96).  Caller nine will take a guess as to what the Kicks Secret Sound could be.


Guess the sound correctly and win the accrued cash and prize jackpot. (Oh, did we mention the jackpot grows each day there's not a correct answer!)


The Kicks 96 Secret Sound is supported by Apple Farm Service, Lonestar Family Practice, Richmond Complete Home Improvement and Overhead Door, Jarrett Trucking and Grading, Warm Glow Candle Company, SugarCreek,  Winchester Speedway and All American Pawn.

Second Chance Jackpot

Even if you guess incorrectly, you are entered into our second chance drawing for $960 cash! Play multiple times and increase your odds of winning the jackpot!


Need Help?

You must describe the sound exactly, which can be very difficult! We will be giving clues along the way! Once a sound is guessed correctly, we will share a video of the making of the that Secret Sound on this page.

Secret Sound #3

Clues & Guesses

Guess #1 - An ice shaving machine.

Hint #1 - There are three items and one action


Guess #2 - Something put into a garbage disposal with water running.

Hint #2 - Fire....Tornado....Lockdown....


Guess #3 - Rolling bingo beads.

Hint #3 - Unlike 007, this isn't shaken


Guess #4 - Blending, trying to make a dirty martini

Hint #4 - One of these items is a must-have for any handyman.


Guess #5 - Pending until 12:20 with Jen Steele

Hint #5 - Pending


Guess #6 - Pending until 4:20 with Jim Callahan

Hint #6 - Pending

Secret Sound #2

Winner - Jessica of Liberty

"Mayo being squeezed onto a pan"


Clues & Guesses

Guess #1 - Marbles dropped into a trash can/trash can lid

Hint #1 - There are two objects in this secret sound.


Guess #2 - Ice falling on a metal sheet pan

Hint #2 - Most people think this item in the secret sound is edible.


Guess #3 - Dropping Gum balls into a pan

Hint #3 - One of the items is a metal pan.


Guess#4 - Jiffy Pop that you pop over the stove

Hint #4 - The unguessable item is usually kept in the kitchen.


Guess#5 - Jaw breakers falling into a pan

Hint #5 - The unknown item in the secret sound comes in a container.


Guess#6 - Eggs hitting a pan

Hint #6 - This item is not a solid.


Guess#7 - Liquid oil being poured into a pan

Hint #7 - The item you haven't guessed should be stored in the refrigerator. 


Guess#8 - A rock falling onto a road.

Hint #8 - The unguessed item is white...ish.


Guess#9 - Ice cubes or chicken being dropped into grease

Hint #9 - This hint MAY help , but it's up to YO to figure it out.

Secret Sound #1

Winner - Helen of Connersville

"Vehicle being pushed over pasta."



Clues & Guesses

Guess #1 - Ice pouring from ice maker.

Hint #1 - This Secret Sound has 2 objects involved.


Guess #2 - Gravel pouring into cup.

Hint #2 - One of the objects involved is a food item.


Guess #3 - Gravel pebbles dumping.

Hint #3 - One of the objects in this secret sound rolls.


Guess #4 - Plastic rake going across gravel

Hint #4 - The creating of this Secret Sound took muscle.


Guess #5 - A water bottle being crushed up and pulled back out

Hint #5 - One of the items in this Secret Sound is best after being boiled. 


Guess #6 - Marbles

Hint #6 - One of the objects in this Secret Sound needed a push.


Guess #7 - Breaking pasta and dropping it in a pan

Hint #7 - One of the objects is pasta!


Guess #8 - Pasta being dumped out

Hint #8 -A lot of people use one of these objects daily.


Guess #9 - Pasta being poured into water.

Hint #9 - This object has been around for over one hundred years.


Guess #10 - Spaghetti rolled by a rolling pin.

Hint #10 - The 2nd object comes in a variety of models.


Guess #11 - Pasta coming out of a pasta maker and hitting the pan.

Hint #11 - If you look out of your window, you are highly likely to see at least one!

Game Rules

PRIZE: Cash and prizes with value over $2500. Jackpot grows daily when there are no correct guesses.

TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN: Winning any prize requires that the potential winner of the prize is, and remains, in compliance with these Official Rules as solely determined by WQLK/KICKS 96. 

PARTICIPANTS WITH DISABILITIES: If you have a disability that you believe prevents you from participating in the game, contact 765.962.1595 for assistance. 



1.Secret Sound is open only to residents of the United States. Participants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age when the contest officially begins on Monday, September 14, 2020.


2.Persons in any of the following categories are NOT eligible to participate or win prizes in Secret Sound: (a) any person who on or after September 14th, 2020 was or is a Brewer Broadcasting owner or employee, (b) persons who are immediate family members (defined as spouse, IRS dependent, or biological, adoptive or stepmother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son) of, or who reside in the same household as, any person in any of the preceding categories. Any participant who attempts to become more than one finalist by using different names, addresses, email addresses or mobile phone numbers, or uses any device or artifice to circumvent these official rules will be disqualified and any prizes awarded will be forfeited and any such person may be prevented from playing the game and/or winning prizes.


3.WQLK/KICKS 96 reserves the right to remove from the competition any person it determines, in its sole discretion, is sufficiently connected with the competition or any of the entities described in this paragraph whose participation in the competition could create the appearance of impropriety.


SECRET SOUND CONTEST: Kicks 96 WQLK-FM will play pre-recorded "Secret Sounds" during the contest period. When prompted, listeners will call the contest line at 765-966-6465 or 1-877- KICKS- 96 (542-5796). If the listener guesses the sound correctly, including any specific details necessary to describe the sound as full and precisely as it is described by Kicks 96. They win the prize. Decision of the judges is final. Should the listener guess incorrectly, the value of the prize will increase as determined by Kicks 96. After each correct guess, the prize value will reset to a prize or cash value chosen by Kicks 96. Only one winner per "secret sound". You CAN win both a Secret Sound jackpot and the Second Chance Jackpot.


PARTICIPATION: The KICKS 96 Secret Sound competition will begin on September 14th, 2020. WQLK/KICKS 96. To play, listeners must be caller 9 at 765-966-6465 or 1-877- KICKS- 96 (542-5796) when prompted by the cue to call.


PROMOTION PERIOD: Begins at 5 AM on September 14th, 2020. Promotion ends when either $2500 has been given away or 7pm on October 9th, 2020. Whichever comes first. 

OFFICIAL RULES REQUEST ADDRESS: WQLK Secret Sound Official Rules c/o Brewer Broadcasting Promotions Department, 2626 Tingler Road West, Richmond, IN 47374 

OFFICIAL WINNER LIST REQUEST ADDRESS: WQLK Secret Sound Winner List c/o Brewer Broadcasting Promotions Department, 2626 Tingler Road West, Richmond, IN 47374 

CLAIMING PRIZE: Winners will be required to show valid Photo ID before completing winner paperwork. This will be done at the station located at 2626 Tingler Road West, Richmond, IN 47374. 

The winner may be required to fill out at 1099 tax form in order to claim the prize. Winners are responsible for all taxes and additional expenses. 

ADDITIONAL RULES: In addition to these Official Rules, this Promotion is also subject to the Brewer Broadcasting (WQLK-FM) Official Rules for All Contests which are located on the station website at 

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