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Secret Sound

The Kicks 96 Secret Sound 

Presented by Apple Farm Service 

with support from The Village Forager


Play the Kicks Secret Sound contest at 7:20 with Sean & Dave again at 12:20 Lunchtime with Paxton and at 

4:20 with Jim Callahan.


We’ll play The Secret Sound on air, then take caller number 6 on the Kicks lines to take a guess.


Guess correctly and you'll WIN that sound’s prize jackpot!


Incorrect Guess? You're still placed into the Kicks Secret Sound Second Chance grand draw for $960 at the end of the contest! 


Clues will be given out after each incorrect guess and a complete list will be updated on this page.


Save our number in your phone! 765-966-6465 or 877-KICKS96



Congrats Michelle Mathena of Richmond!! She is our first winner!


Sound 1

Prize Package includes:

  • $25 Gift Certificate to select area businesses provided by Natco Credit Union
  • $50 Gift Certicate to use at The Village Forager in Centerville

Previous Guesses

  • "Bingo Balls in Spinner" by Emily Totheroh 
  • "Bingo Balls in Spinner" by Amber Brown
  • "Ping Pong Balls in an Aluminum Pan" by Natalie Huber
  • "Rocks in a Cement Mixer" by Charlie Edwards



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