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John has been directly involved in the music business since he was a young child. At eight years old and before ever having a voice lesson, he was singing in church and talent contests. His natural-born musical ability continued to improve during high school, where he played the bass guitar and sang with several local bands. After attending Saint Petersburg Junior College, he received his master’s degree in speech pathology from the University of South Florida.

Rise Up Country’s mission statement is to tell people not to give up, that God loves them, and there is hope. John likes to say it’s where we get our weekly dose of inspiration and a message of hope. John wants to see families stay together, and as a proud dad, one of the most important messages he hopes to convey is to love your children. John knows how precious family can be. He and his wife almost lost their son, Johnny, to a violent attack, so they’ve learned to appreciate every moment with their children and the power of prayer.