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The Kicks 96 app is available now, FREE, on the App store for Apple and on Google play for Android.


  • On The Kicks 96 FM App you can see what songs we’ve played.
  • Set up song alerts to let you know when Kicks 96 will play your favorite new song.
  • Send Kicks 96 song requests, you can even record a shout out to Kicks!
  • Have the Kicks Morning Crew, Sean & Dave, wake you up with The Kicks App alarm.
  • At the touch of a finger access to all the local news and info.


The Kicks 96 FM App is your new easy pre set way to listen!

Download: Kicks 96 FM from Brewer Broadcasting 





Stream with Alexa

If you have an Alexa smart device, you can stream Kicks 96 anytime! Here's how:


First time streaming?*


Option 1: Say "Alexa, ENABLE the Kicks 96 skill".

Option 2: Visit our Alexa Skill page on Amazon and Enable the skill.


Now, anytime you want to listen to Kicks 96, just say, "Alexa, play Kicks 96!"

*If you have previously streamed Kicks 96 using your Alexa device, you will need to re-enable the skill as we have updated our streaming service. 

  1. KICKS 96: Click this: Kicks 96 WQLK : Alexa Skills
  2. The page will look like the graphic below. Look to the right for MANAGE THIS SKILL. It will either show “Enable Skill” or “Disable Skill.”
    • If it shows “Enable Skill” – click it and try your Alexa in a few minutes.
    • If it shows “Disable Skill” – click it. Refresh the page and then click “Enable Skill”. Then try your Alexa in a few minutes.   


Having troubles? Troubleshoot here

Apple, Google and TuneIn

If you use an Apple Homepod, a Google Nest or other similar smart device you will be able to stream Kicks 96 soon!


Both Apple and Google use a third party service, TuneIn, to stream radio stations like Kicks 96. 

We recently transitioned our streaming provider and are now waiting for TuneIn to update with our new streaming links.


Please stay tuned for updates!

Stream Directly

You can also stream us directly, using a web browser, by clicking the red "Listen Live" button at the top of our website or visit this link:


Need additional help? Email me at