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Women Leaving Bachelorette Party Rescue Man from Fire

I'm honestly kinda surprised they were sober enough for this...

21-year-old, Kayleigh Brown of England is getting prepped for her wedding and last Sunday was her bachelorette party. Kayleigh and one of her best friends, Harriot Brown were walking home at three in the morning when they saw smoke billowing from an apartment.

While Kayleigh called for help, Harriot went to the back door and could heard a man yelling for help. She broke in and ran upstairs where she discovered a man in his 70s, who was trapped. Harriot was able to help get him downstairs and save his life.

The elderly man must have been disoriented, as he claimed there was also a kid upstairs. Harriot ran back in to search for the child until she couldn't take the smoke anymore. Fortunately, the man was mistaken, and no one else was in the unit.

Harriot says it was just her instincts that kicked in. I love listening to her tell the story with such a thick accent. Click play below to hear her.

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