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Dave's Weight-Loss Blog #1

Ok, it's been about a week since I decided I'm gonna lose weight. Update time.


When I decided to make this whole thing public, I started out at 260.6 lbs.


My first step was to decide to start eating better. Maybe not healthier, but smaller portions. And for the most part, I've been behaving...except for all the stress-eating I did watching the events in DC.


So far, I'm down about 2 pounds, although I have a feeling the impact of stress-eating will soon erase that. But that brings me to my next step: exercise.


I've been pretty consistently making sure my recliner doesn't float away each evening, so I need to get on my feet and get active. I don't intend to start lifting weights or anything like that, thanks to my messed-up shoulder. But cardio...yeah, it's time for cardio. I have located my exercise bike AND I've cleared the coats off of it. Time to ride. 


Starting weight: 260.6 lbs.

This week: 258.0 lbs.