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Dave's Weight-Loss Blog #2

Week #2 brings a few behavior modifications to work on at work.


Since I wake up at 3:15 in the morning, I eat breakfast before 5am. And then the snacking starts. So first, I need to pick something a little healthier for breakfast. I'm going with either egg whites or oatmeal mixed with nonfat yogurt. And if I'm gonna snack, I've got some granola bars. Hopefully I can stay consistent with that.


My other behavior modification is how much I'm sitting down. I've gotten pretty comfortable with, well, being comfortable in the studio - I have a comfy chair, so I use it. But I've read about the benefits of standing vs. sitting (burning more calories, lowering health risks, etc.), so I'm starting to stand up for most of the show now, and I do feel more energetic just by making that change. 


I'm not expecting those two changes to lead to massive weight loss by themselves, but with more exercise, a better sleep schedule, and maybe a few other healthy choices, I can get myself on the path to a better me.


Starting weight (1/6/21): 260.6 lbs.

This week (1/20/21): 257.2 lbs.