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Dave's Weight-Loss Blog #4

…and I'm (mostly) back on track!


After a week that I called a "minor setback", I'm slowly headed back in the right direction on my weight-loss journey.


The biggest change for me so far is my last meal of the day happens no later than 4pm. Getting up at 3:30am to do the morning show means going to bed (or trying to) fairly early, so by not eating after 4pm I've helped limit my acid reflux flare-ups, and I wake up not feeling full/bloated.


The other change I've made is cutting back on the fast food. I used to get fast food an average of 3-4 times a week. I've cut that back to once a week at most. 


Those two changes may not have led to an immediate drop in weight, but it's made me feel better, and I think the scale will start to agree with me soon.


Starting weight (1/6/21): 260.6 lbs.

This week (2/4/21): 255.7 lbs