On Air

Avoid the Airplane Bathroom!

The next time you go to use the restroom on an airplane...DON'T!


That is, avoid the airplane restroom if you can, because they're, well, gross. That is according to one former flight attendant who says they're actually more gross than you think


So what should you do if you absolutely have to use the flying toilet? Here are a few tips:


1. Touch as few surfaces as possible. Germs are all over the place, including the door, so if you can, open the door with your foot.


2. Keep your shoes on. Who is taking them off in any public bathroom, anyway? Keep them on, seriously.


3. Don't brush your teeth in the airplane bathroom. The water is gross, too. It isn't filtered, nor is the tank cleaned regularly. That means there's a good chance there is E. coli in the water. Yeah. Gross.