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Eggplant on Pizza? With Mayo???

This is a day to celebrate: National Pizza Party Day. So here's how people are ruining pizza (in the opinion of the Kicks Morning Crew).


According to a survey, the most popular pizza topping is pepperoni. No surprise there. However, when checking the "least favorite topping" category, we noticed eggplant and broccoli on the list. The fact that they are listed as least favorite toppings means that they are being used as pizza toppings. Who is doing this to pizza? And what did pizza ever do to them?


But wait, it gets worse (again, in our opinion). 7% of people surveyed like to dip their pizza in mayonnaise. Yup, mayo. Unbelievable.


Look, it's a free country. Put whatever toppings you want on your pizza and dip in whatever you like. Just don't expect us to be okay with it!