Kicks 96 has a CASH COW, and we’ve been letting BESSY graze on cash and prizes all year.  

Now it’s time to start milking out the CASH and PRIZES!  


Here’s how The Kicks 96 Cash Cow contest works

Listen around 7:40 am with Sean and Dave, 4:40 pm with Callahan in the afternoon.  

We’ll take caller 6 on the Kicks lines to be a Cash Cow contestant.  (966-6465 or toll free 877-Kicks96)

You automatically win a buffet meal at Golden Corral in Richmond! 

Then you get to choose a barn door.   


The door you choose may have cash inside, it may be a prize, it may be ZONKY THE DONKEY! (Which means game over.)  


If your barn door reveals Cash or a Prize, you get to choose to keep it or give it back and open another barn door!


Watch out for ZONKY though!


The Kicks 96 Cash Cow Presented by Golden Corral

With support from these great sponsors:

Natco Credit Union 

Winchester Speedway 

Generations Grill & Sports Bar

Flaig Lumber

The Leland Legacy

Apple Farm Service