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Kicks 96 has a new way for you to listen LIVE!  

The Kicks 96 app is available now, FREE, on the App store for Apple and on Google play for Android.


  • On The Kicks 96 FM App you can see what songs we’ve played.
  • Set up song alerts to let you know when Kicks 96 will play your favorite new song.
  • Send Kicks 96 song requests, you can even record a shout out to Kicks!
  • Have the Kicks morning crew, Sean & Dave, wake you up with The Kicks App alarm.
  • At the touch of a finger access to all the local news and info.


The Kicks 96 FM App is your new easy pre set way to listen!

Download: Kicks 96 FM from Brewer Broadcasting 




Stream with Alexa

If you have an Alexa smart device, you can stream Kicks 96 anytime! Here's how:


First time streaming?*


Option 1: Say "Alexa, ENABLE the Kicks 96 skill".

Option 2: Visit our Alexa Skill page on Amazon and Enable the skill.


Now, anytime you want to listen to Kicks 96, just say, "Alexa, play Kicks 96!"

*If you have previously streamed Kicks 96 using your Alexa device, you will need to re-enable the skill as we have updated our streaming service. 

  1. KICKS 96: Click this: Kicks 96 WQLK : Alexa Skills
  2. The page will look like the graphic below. Look to the right for MANAGE THIS SKILL. It will either show “Enable Skill” or “Disable Skill.”
    • If it shows “Enable Skill” – click it and try your Alexa in a few minutes.
    • If it shows “Disable Skill” – click it. Refresh the page and then click “Enable Skill”. Then try your Alexa in a few minutes.  



Having troubles? Troubleshoot here