Streaming Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble streaming Kicks 96?

We recently changed streaming service providers. Therefore, an update to our new streaming link may be all you need to get back to listening to your favorite country music! The following are some of the common issues.


Did your Alexa Smart Device stop streaming Kicks 96?

The Alexa "Skill" has updated and needs to be re-enabled through your Alexa device. 

Using your Alexa device, you can conveniently listen to today's country music on Kicks 96. Setting up your device is simple. Just speak to your Alexa: 


"Alexa, ENABLE  Kicks Ninety-Six"


Once enabled, all you'll have to do from that point on is say,


"Alexa, play Kicks Ninety-Six"


Or, using the Alexa App you can search the skills for "Kicks 96 WQLK" to enable. From that point you can simply say, "Alexa, play Kicks Ninety-Six" to listen live!


Do you have our streaming player bookmarked?

If you previously bookmarked the Kicks 96 streaming player in your web browser, you may need to update the link.


Visit this link to open the new streaming player and create a fresh bookmark.


Is the Listen Live Now player not working?

Depending on the settings of your browser, the player may not play automatically after you open. Be sure to hit the play icon in the top right corner, as seen in the screenshot below.



Do you listen with a Google Smart Device, an Apple Homepod or the TuneIn app?

If you listen through a device that uses the TuneIn app, such as a Google Smart Device or Apple's Homepod, you are probably getting an error message at the moment. We have submitted the change of our streaming service to TuneIn and are waiting for their team to update. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, you can play Kicks 96 live from our website!


Did you find what you needed to stream Kicks 96?

If you have other streaming issues not addressed on this page, please email support at and we will be glad to help.