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Shania Twain Grew Up So Poor and Dirty That Other Kids Didn't Want to Sit Near Her

SARA HAINES interviewed SHANIA TWAIN for an episode of "Strahan, Sara and Keke" . . . and she shared a few things that may surprise you.  When asked if she ever dreamed of having this huge career, she said no way. 



Quote, "I couldn't have ever imagined where I am today . . . from where I came from.  I grew up underprivileged.  I was always the dirty little kid at school or maybe somebody didn't want to sit behind me because I had greasy hair."



They talked about the iconic VH-1 "Divas Live" special in 1998.  That's when Shania shared the stage with Celine DionMariah CareyAretha Franklin, and Gloria Estefan



They imagined what a reboot with a new set of performers would look like.  Shania chose Jennifer LopezStevie NicksAriana Grande, and Lizzo.



There was a fan question segment, and someone asked her to name her "favorite glamorous outfit" that she's ever worn.  I was thinking the "leopard print head-to-toe with the hood" getup from her "That Don't Impress Me Much" video.  Nope.



She said, quote, "I think the favorite is my 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman' outfit.  I didn't realize that the world was going to get to this wonderful place where we're less concerned about whether we're a guy or a girl or whatever. 



"We're just so hung up sometimes on gender.  And I want to wear a tie and I want to wear a shirt, but I don't want to compromise and hide my femininity either.  It was a hybrid gender look almost."



Another fan asked what song was the "most therapeutic and healing" to write.  She went with "You're Still the One" because it's taken on different meanings to her throughout years . . . and it keeps evolving with her.



(You can check out the interview, here.  The growing up poor starts at 1:54 . . . the "Divas" reboot at 2:54 . . . "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" comes at 6:42 . . . and the most therapeutic song at 7:22.)

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