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Jim Callahan

Monday thru Friday 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Jim Callahan is originally from the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.
He has spent 37 years in radio in places like: South Bend IN, Toledo OH, Mansfield OH, Biloxi MS, Melbourne/Cocoa Beach FL.

When not on air, Callahan loves to play sports-based video games. He is a lifelong Cleveland Browns, Indians (Now Guardians) and Cavs, as well as an Ohio State, Big Ten fan!

He’ll play the Impossible Question for your chance to win at 3:30 pm.

Have an impossible question?
Email Jim Callahan: jimc@kicks96.com

If we use your question at 3:30pm, you get a Kicks 96 Impossible question t-shirt!

Jim Callahan's Blog:

Callahan battles murder hornets

Over the past two weeks my wife and I have been battling wasps in our apartment.   These are huge creatures from Hell....could they be the dreaded Murder Hornet?   There big, fast, and agressive (If only my Cleveland Browns Defense was like these wasps!)   Here's a pic of the " Murder wasp " chasing folks a...
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