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Old Dominion's "Meow Mix" Album Has Meows Instead of Words

2020 just keeps on giving.  OLD DOMINION has released a "Meow Mix" version of their self-titled third album.  (That's the one that came out last fall.)



They called it "Meow Mix" because they replaced all the words with meows.  It's NOT singing cats . . . it's MATTHEW RAMSEY singing "meow" instead of the words. 



The album was a surprise, although they did tease it all week.  They posted random photos of cats on social media, so fans knew something was up. 



And then Friday's post featured the cover of last fall's album, but with "cat heads" superimposed on their bodies. 


They wrote, "Cat's out of the bag.  We are re-releasing our entire album, only this time it's all 'meows.'  Sometimes you gotta be silly.  #ODmeowmix is out meow."  



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