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Blake Shelton Wants You to Get Your Ticket Refunds

Are you still waiting on a ticket refund from a cancelled concert this year?  You're not alone and BLAKE SHELTON is on your side.  It started after a fan on Twitter asked him to cancel a show instead of postponing it so they could get a refund.



When a show is cancelled the venue offers refunds.  But if it's postponed, they usually ask fans to hang onto the ticket and use it for a makeup date.  Well, it seems the lines between the two have been getting blurred.



Blake cancelled his whole tour, which meant everyone should've been given the option of getting their money back.  But a lot of them weren't, so they sent him screenshots that showed the concert labeled as postponed.  He decided to get to the bottom of it. 



He wrote, "Hey guys we are working on this ticket refund thing.  There are a lot of vendors involved and it's a web for sure and I don't think it's any one person's fault.  It's been a nightmare and confusing year for everyone at every level."



He also posted details on how to get a Ticketmaster refund.  

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