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Megan Moroney Accidentally Stepped on Miranda Lambert

Megan Moroney needs to be on your radar. The up-and-comer is paving the way for future artists with her unique sound, and established stars like Carly Pearce have even said she's their favorite new artist. 

She also has a love for Miranda Lambert. That is one of Megan’s dream collaboration scenarios.  

She recalls meeting Lambert before her rise on the music scene. 

"I did. I accidentally stepped on her at Red Door. This was when I was visiting Nashville. I had just gotten my fake ID taken at Nudies on Broadway, but somehow Red Door let me in with my second backup fake ID (laughs). I was in there, I was literally in sweat pants. I stepped back and I stepped on someone on accident and I turn around like, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." And it was Miranda Lambert. I was like, "I am really so sorry." 

She says Miranda had on a hat and glasses, so it was hard to tell who she was, but Moroney knew. 

That was not the only run-in before she herself became famous. 

"I've met Kacey Musgraves with one shoe on," Moroney says. "I had one shoe on, because I had just gotten knee surgery, so I had this really big cast thing on my leg —so I had one cowgirl boot on," she confirmed. 

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