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Keith Urban Drops New Single 'Messed Up As Me'

Four-time Grammy winner, Keith Urban dropped a new single today (3-1), “Messed Up As Me” is from his upcoming album, that hasn’t been named yet. 


He debuted the song publicly in front of a group in Nashville that were attending Country Radio Seminar


From the Ryman Auditorium stage, he introduced the song by saying: “Let’s put it this way, most of us have been in dysfunctional relationships before, where there’s not a lot of compatibility, except for that one area where it’s so good you put up with all the rest.  A phone call or a night out and you’re right back where you shouldn’t be.”

“Messed Up As Me,” was produced by Keith’s longtime co-producer Dann Huff and is the second song from his album expected later this year.