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(Richmond, IN)--Reid Health released some numbers Wednesday as part of its ongoing negotiations to keep Anthem from becoming out-of-network for about 44,000 area residents next month.  Reid said that, last year, its expenses increased more than eight percent because of rising labor and supply costs and clinician shortages.  During that same time, Anthem’s rate increase to Reid was only 3.7%.  Reid cut programs, services, and positions to close the gap.  Meanwhile, Anthem increased its premiums last year to local employers by nearly ten percent and realized record profits of $5.5 billion.  More information about the situation can be found at reidhealth.org.  Anthem has now released its own scathing statement about Reid Health.  Anthem claims that a third-party research organization found that the reimbursement to Reid from private insurers in Indiana is more than four times what Medicare pays and that Reid is demanding more on top of their "already inflated rates."  The statement goes on to say that Reid has taken advantage of being the only major health system in Wayne and surrounding counties.  The statement lists other nearby providers for Anthem users.  The closest to Richmond is McCullough-Hyde Hospital in Oxford.