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(Abington, IN)--Shortly after Abington Township Trustee Steve Kaiser learned that allegations that he fabricated a letter to obtain a donated fire vehicle would be made public, the Abington volunteer firefighter who helped bring the incident to light was promptly fired.  And, Chief James Ausmus, who said that he did not write a letter that was authored to make it look like he did, was placed on suspension.  The quick personnel actions were taken by a committee that includes Kaiser’s own adult son.  A special meeting was held Tuesday night by acting chief Mike Taylor.  The firefighter and the chief were excluded.  Abington Township Trustees meet late Wednesday afternoon.  The donated vehicle appeared Tuesday to still be sitting on property controlled by Kaiser on Lambert Road.  A criminal investigation into Kaiser's continues by a central Ohio police agency.  That agency is where in the area of the fire department that donated the vehicle to the Abington Volunteer Fire Department.  (Note:  The photo accompanying this story was taken Tuesday and is believed to depict the donated fire vehicle.  It sat Tuesday on a property on Lambert Road that is under Kaiser's control).