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(Abington, IN)--Abington Township’s Advisory Board voted 2-1 Tuesday night to remove James Ausmus as fire chief as the criminal investigation into the trustee who brought about Ausmus’ termination continues.  "There was a breach of contract and a misappropriation of funds," said Trustee Steve Kaiser.  The accusations stem largely from a donated fire vehicle.  Kaiser claimed Tuesday night that Ausmus refused to sign a contract stating he would not sell the vehicle.  It’s a claim that was supported by Mike Taylor, who was installed as the new chief Tuesday night.  Taylor said Ausmus was asked this:  "...if he would sign the contract stating he would not sell the truck - that it would be turned over to the department - and he refused to sign that contract."  Ausmas and another terminated firefighter flatly deny the allegations.  During Tuesday night's removal process of Chief Ausmus, Kaiser commented briefly on a document that started much of the controversy.  Ausmus claims that Kaiser posed as Ausmus when he drafted a document to a central Ohio fire department and asked for a fire vehicle to be donated to Abington.  The document was not on Abington letterhead, was not dated, and was full of spelling and punctuation errors.  When asked if he drafted the letter posing as Ausmus, Kaiser Tuesday night did not deny doing it but claimed that it was a "form letter."