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Trick or treating through the eyes of a new dad.

I can still remember being a kid, getting dressed up and heading out with my brother and parents for a long night of trick or treating. Our parents would stand back and watch as my brother and I would walk ourselves up to a stranger's door, ring the bell, and await our candy prize. I was always a fan of things like Reese’s Cups or Milk Duds, but I was always delighted when we would show up to a house and get something like a full sized Snicker’s bar. That was a jackpot. 


Nowadays there are safer alternatives for families called, “Trunk or Treat,” which gives little haunters a centralized location to grab all of their treats in a hurry. Generally taking place in a parking lot, or somewhere similar, they have gained immense popularity throughout communities. I love this idea. I think it’s great! Especially for kids that might have social anxiety about knocking on doors and getting candy from strangers. 


Being a new parent, I will finally have the chance to be on the other end of Halloween. It’s no longer me behind a mask, nervously ringing a stranger’s door bell to say those magic words that get candy dropped into my bucket. I’m beyond excited. Although my son is just over a year old, I can’t help but think of what it will be like to watch him collect candy all over town. I wonder if he’ll be shy, and quiet? Maybe he’ll be ready to go home after just a few houses? Maybe he’ll be happy with the few small pieces of candy he gets and be done early? Or maybe he’ll be like I was as a kid. Hitting every single house we can find with the porch light on, because the main goal is to stack candy! 


So bring it on. I’m ready to stand in the cold if need be. For hours if we have to. Because there is nothing warmer for the soul than the smile on your child’s face. Let’s have fun this Halloween. Cherish these moments, because as some of you already know, you don’t get this time back.  



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