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Why French Toast?

Whenever snow is in the forecast, it seems everyone makes a grocery run for eggs, milk, and bread. That leads to the joke that everyone is eating French Toast during the snowstorm. In fact, there's a website dedicated to something called the "French Toast Alert System".


But why French Toast? What if you don't like French Toast? Well, Dave from the Kicks Morning Crew thinks he's got the answer: The Leftover Pizza Alert System.


It goes like this: Let's say you bought pizza the day before a snowstorm. How many pieces should you make sure to have leftover to get you through the storm?


Leftover Pizza Alert System

Nothing to worry about - Breadsticks

2 hr delay - 1 slice

Stuck at home for half the day - 2 slices

Stay at home for the day - 3 slices

Anything beyond a day - Better have another pizza on standby


It may need some tweaks.