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Is This a "Hack"? Is it Even New? Or Necessary???

If there's a tip or a trick to eating fries, the Kicks Morning Crew is always interested. But is this a real "hack"? And is it even a new trick?


A McDonald's customer's order has gone viral on TikTok: not for what they ordered, but for how they wanted the food served. In a video posted in early July, TikTok user Tommy Winkler ordered fries at the drive-thru, but asked for them to be served in a large cup rather than the typical fry container. 


The reason? So that he could put the cup in his car's cupholder for easy snack access while driving. 


Cool. But is it necessary? Not really, although it probably does make for safer snacking. Tommy's video at the time of this post has almost 3.5 million views.


One more question: is this even a new trick? No. No, it is not. In fact, just a little over a year ago, a different TikTok account posted the exact same "hack" - that video has over 9 million views. A TikTok search shows plenty of other videos with the same trick... not that it matters.


Just enjoy your fries, and drive, responsibly.