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Luke Bryan Allergic to BASS

Luke Bryan has discovered “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” comes with some personal consequences as he recently found he’s allergic to bass.

He’s found the reason he comes home from fishing trips with red eyes, swollen hands, and a stuffy nose. “If I look like I’ve been smoking pot, that’s not true, I’ve been catching bass,” Luke laughed before detailing his rather serious bass allergy. “If I touch a bass, my eyes will get red, my hands will swell if I have to take the hook out.”

The discovery comes after years of suffering for Luke, who thought he was simply experiencing normal allergies from being outside. “I spent years not knowing. My dad would take me on these fishing trips and I would be in the back of the boat like wheezing, maybe in need of an epipen. But my Dad was just like [suck it up], we just thought it was allergies [to] like, the trees, but it’s actually touching the bass.”

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Luke Combs Comments on the Use of A.I. in Randy Travis Song

There has been a lot of chatter back and forth about the recently released Randy Travis song, "Where That Came From." Whether or not it's good for country music, or it can cause more harm than good.

Now, Luke Combs is commenting about the use of A.I. to create the new track.

The song makes use of artificial intelligence, as Travis can no longer sing or speak clearly after a stroke in 2013.

Combs gave thoughts on the use of A.I. in country music, in general, and his thoughts it specifically being utilized for the new Travis song.

"I think that's the best used case scenario for what it has the potential to do."

Combs then spoke on the potential hazards of using A.I.

"I think it does open the door for, ya know, some things that wouldn't be used in the best way, but I think that is the best version of something that it can be used for."

As a country music fan through and through, Combs' on his personal feelings and thoughts when he first heard the new Travis song he replied, "I was super excited to hear that. It sounds incredible. But, yea, it is, I think a razor's edge for sure."

"Where That Came From" was created using more than 40 vocal tracks from Randy Travis' catalog and a vocal mix from singer James Dupre.

Country stars including Cody JohnsonGarth BrooksCarrie Underwood and Clay Walker have also come out in support of the song. Their response to hearing Travis sing again was often emotional.

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Keith Urban Teaching Kids to Drive, Not Wife

Keith Urban is ready to add 'driving instructor' to his resume. He and wife Nicole Kidman's oldest daughter, Sunday Rose, turns 16 this year, which means it's time for her to start driving.

And Urban says he will teach his daughter to drive, not Kidman. He explained that he has more patience than his wife when it comes to things like that.

Plus, he's not scared.

"Stuff's gonna happen, hopefully if they go slow enough ... someone said to me at the time, if you go slow, small things happen. If you go fast, big things happen," Urban relates.


ACM Reveals Its New Artist Winners

Megan Moroney and Nate Smith were chosen as New Female and New Male Artist of the Year, respectively, with Tigirlily Gold winning New Duo or Group


Full Awards Thursday night on Prime at 8:00pm EST.


Vote for ACM Entertainer of the year HERE!

T-Swift Fans Are Flying to Europe

When the concert you wanted to go to sells out here in America, the obvious choice is to fly across the world to see it in Europe, right? That's the case for many Taylor Swift fans anyway. Word has gotten out that many fans are flying to Europe to catch the much anticipated show, as the concert tickets are more affordable. Not sure if they're including the travel cost in this equation. Nonetheless, her Stockholm show is excpected to have over 10,000 American tourists in attendance. One fan went on record saying that they had the option of buying one $1,500-$3,000 ticket to see her show here in America, or spend around the same amount on a round trip plane ticket, hotel, and the ticket to the show. That's what we call dedication! 

Florida Georgia Line's Nashville Bar Closes

It's been said that Florida Georgia Line's FLG House was one of the first to rise to fame as one of Nashville's first Celebrity-Themed bars, but as of last weekend was the first to close. The group's restaurant in Nashville took an unexpected turn when Google updated their listing to 'Permanently Closed,' redirecting viewers to TC Restaurant Group, which doesn't mention the groups bar at all. It's speculated that due to the groups split, back in 2022, they've closed the eatery in relation to the feud between the former friends/band mates. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have not been seen in public together since their split. 

Garth Brooks Vinyl Arrives, More On The Way.

The Garth Brooks catalog rolls out on vinyl, with “No Fences,” “The Chase,” “In Pieces,” “Fresh Horses” and the more recent “Triple Live” available now. “I owe you guys an entire Garth Brooks career of vinyl,” Brooks said on Monday’s “Inside Studio G.” “So, this’ll be the start of it. My job is to try and get everything we’ve done on vinyl … including the Chris Gaines project.” 


Here's How Being a Stepdad Has Changed Blake Shelton

Being a stepdad to Gwen Stefani's kids has changed Blake Shelton . . . for the better.  Quote, "When people say it's not about you anymore when you have a kid . . . I think if you're doing it right, it's not about you anymore.  That's true."


And he's having a positive impact on their lives, too.  Quote, "I get to teach them the country, you know, and I love that.


"Whether it's music, whether it's literally getting out, getting their hands in the dirt or being out on the ranch, seeing the animals, whatever, you know?  I absolutely love being the person that gets to introduce them to that stuff."


Cosmopolitan UK

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Jelly Roll Builds Studio at Juvenile Detention Center He Was Sent to Growing Up

Jelly Roll is the perfect example of how you should live your life once you've hit celebrity status.  He's using his time and money for GOOD.  Case in point, he just built a music studio inside the Davidson County Juvenile Jail, a place where he spent a lot of time growing up.


He teamed up with a non-profit called "Beat for Life" that "aims to create songwriting and music programs for vulnerable populations across the country."  Also in attendance was the Mayor of Nashville, plus 35 hit songwriters.


Jelly said, "I never would've dreamed when I was sitting right there that I would one day come back and introduce the studio and all these songwriters would come out to support the cause and the [effing] Mayor would introduce me."


This got a huge laugh, then he said, "I would never guess this.  It wasn't in my bingo card in life." But this all means more to him than we might ever know.  He said later, "When I was in juvenile, we never got a visitor.  We never had a mentor . . . nobody ever came to see us."


He also performed for the incarcerated kids, who then got to sit down with songwriters and write their own songs.  And then if they wanted, they had the opportunity to showcase them to the whole room.

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Mom's Cancer Battle

After revealing that her mom Beverly battled and beat breast cancer, Miranda Lambert is reflecting on the new "perspective" that challenge taught her and her family.

Lambert explained that she never fully understood the toll cancer takes on a family until she experienced it herself.

"It really reiterated to me just how much something like that — how many people it touches, in bad and good ways. People come out of the woodwork to support you," she said.

"People don't understand the toughness of that — the stress on the entire family — until you've gone through it," Lambert continues. "So it was really eye-opening for my whole family. We're very close, so I couldn't do any of this without her."

Close is an understatement. Beverly Lambert is a crucial supporter in her daughter's career, especially as the co-founder of MuttNation, Lambert's non-profit supporting shelter pets and spay-and-neuter initiatives.

"She's my — well, my No. 1 fan, for obvious reasons," Miranda jokes. "The first run, I think we had eight shows — she came to nine. My mom was here when no one was here."

Of course, these days, Lambert's mom isn't her only No. 1 fan: She likely shares that title with the singer's husband of nearly five years, former New York City Police Department officer Brendan McLoughlin. But there are some key differences between the two: Lambert jokes that her mom has a little bit more of a "hype girl," while McLoughlin falls on the side of straight shooter.

"My husband tells me the truth. He gives the harsh reality," Lambert says with a laugh. "He likes to call me on my s--t, which I love, because everybody needs somebody in their life that's, like, the truth-teller. He's very New York about it."

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Morgan Wallen Arrested in Nashville

Morgan Wallen is currently facing three felony charges of reckless endangerment after Metro Nashville police officers say that he drunkenly threw a chair from the sixth floor of Eric Church’s Chief’s restaurant Sunday night.


Viewers claim that the chair landed on Broadway very close to the officers, who were later able to view a video of the singer throwing an object over the roof and laughing about it afterwards. Wallen’s bond was set at $15,520, and his next court date will be May 3, which is also the date of one of two scheduled concerts at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.


Wallen's attorney, Worrick Robinson, released a statement soon after, “At 10:53p Sunday evening Morgan Wallen was arrested in downtown Nashville for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. He is cooperating fully with authorities.”


Paul to my Linda

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Are Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson on Beyoncé's New Album?

Beyoncé released the track list for her upcoming album "Act II: Cowboy Carter" on Instagram.  In a picture meant to look like an old concert poster, she teases songs like "Levii's Jeans" and "II Hands II Heaven".


There's also a cover of "Jolene", and the name Dolly P is on the poster . . . so it's possible that Dolly appears on the track, or somewhere else on the album.


And there appears to be a song called "Smoke Hour", featuring some guy named . . . WILLIE NELSON! There's no word on any other guests.  The album drops FRIDAY3/29


Check out her reveal here: Instagram

Miranda Lambert Hosts Gender Reveal

Miranda Lambert hosted a gender reveal for her longtime friend and personal assistant, during her Las Vegas residency show Friday night.  It was a girl.


Read the full story here: Music Mayhem

CMT Nominees

The 2024 CMT Music Awards just released the full list of nominees and there was a five-way tie at the top.  Kelsea BalleriniCody JohnsonLainey WilsonJelly Roll, and Megan Moroney are all tied with three nominations each.

The CMT Awards are Sunday April 7th on CBS, Hosted by Kelsea Ballerini

Video of the Year


"Light on in the Kitchen" by Ashley McBryde


"Dear Insecurity" by Brandy Clark featuring Brandi Carlile


"Nobody's Nobody" by Brothers Osborne


"The Painter" by Cody Johnson


"Fires Don't Start Themselves" by Darius Rucker


"Truck Bed" by Hardy


"Let Your Boys Be Country" by Jason Aldean


"Need a Favor" by Jelly Roll


"Next Thing You Know" by Jordan Davis


"Deeper Well" by Kacey Musgraves


"If You Go Down (I'm Goin' Down Too)" by Kelsea Ballerini


"Watermelon Moonshine" by Lainey Wilson


"Nothing Compares to You" by Mickey Guyton featuring Kane Brown


"Gonna Love You" by Parmalee


"In Your Love" by Tyler Childers


"Nine Ball" by Zach Bryan


Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert

The Hollywood Bowl announced that a special concert, called Keep The Party Going: A Tribute To Jimmy Buffett" will be taking place on April 11th.


The all-star lineup will include Paul McCartney, the Eagles, Jon Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Sheryl Crow, and Jackson Browne to name a few.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 15.


Other artists include Brandi Carlile, Scotty Emerick, Jack Johnson, Caroline Jones, Mac McAnally, Jake Owen, Eric Church, Zac Brown, Pitbull, Jake Shimabukuro, The Coral Reefer Band and more special guests.



Jelly Roll Undergoes Complete Mouth Reconstruction

Jelly Roll says he “wants a pretty smile,” so he underwent compete mouth reconstruction.


His wife, Bunnie Xo, chronicled the experience for fans by sharing video from his dental chair. He said, “I've had these same veneers for 20 years, I'm finally getting them replaced, and I'm getting some implants and getting some cavities and wisdom teeth pulled out.”


Jelly Roll has been very upfront about his past, rugged way of life. The streets don't offer dental insurance, so now that the star has come up in music, he decided to get all of the necessary dental work done at one time.


He plans to be healed and well rested in time to kick off his Beautifully Broken Tour next month.



@xomgitsbunnie Sweet boy ???? #jellyandbunnie ? Acoustic Folk Instrumental - Yunusta

Keith Urban Drove Lainey Wilson to the Airport

Having someone drive you to the airport is a big ask now that we've all got Uber.  So, it takes a good friend to do it.


Lainey Wilson just headed off to Australia for a string of concerts this month.  And Keith Urban dropped her at the airport.


She posted a video of them driving, where he teases her about all the wildlife that could KILL her . . . like redback spiders that "love toilet seats." 




Kelly Clarkson & Lainey Wilson Collab

Kelly Clarkson had Lainey Wilson on her show and they both are huge fans of one another.  They also paired up to sing Lainey's new song called "Country's Cool Again".



Garth Brooks' Daughter Thought "To Make You Feel My Love" Was Adele's Song

"To Make You Feel My Love" was a hit for Garth Brooks in 1998.  But it was a cover song.  Bob Dylan wrote and recorded it the previous year.  It's been covered by several other artists since, including Adele in 2008.


And imagine Garth's surprise when his youngest daughter came home from school 12 or 13 years ago, absolutely gushing over Adele's version . . . and having no idea her father had ever even recorded it.



Luke Combs' Stuffed Cowboy Squirrel Riding a Pheasant

What do you gift someone who has everything?  How about a stuffed cowboy squirrel riding a pheasant?  That's exactly what Luke Combs got from his wife for his 34th birthday on Saturday.  He named him Federico the Cowboy Squirrel.



Morgan Wallen's Newest

Morgan Wallen released SEVEN songs recorded at Abbey Road in London.


(You can check out all seven tracks on the "Abbey Road Sessions", here.)



Riley Green's Evansville Indiana Party

Riley Green had a wild show on Thursday night in Evansville Indiana.  During his performance of "Dixieland Delight", he got such a nonstop flow of bras being thrown onstage, that he started hanging them off his guitarist's guitar.


He posted some photosand said, quote, "Indiana y'all sure know how to party."




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Kenny Chesney Releases New Single 'Guilty Pleasure'

There’s a new song out from Kenny Chesney and he says it very unique. He described it and said: “I have absolutely never heard a song like this… ever. And I’ve heard a lot of songs. It’s such an unusual, fresh way to come at something you think you know and have heard everything all about. And then something falls out in a writing session, everyone looks at each other – and you all say, ‘OH! We’re writing that.’”

“Guilty Pleasure,” is the third single from his album, Born, which comes out on March 29.



  • Kenny’s Sun Goes Down 2024 Tour, kicks off at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium on April 20th.



Keith Urban Drops New Single 'Messed Up As Me'

Four-time Grammy winner, Keith Urban dropped a new single today (3-1), “Messed Up As Me” is from his upcoming album, that hasn’t been named yet. 


He debuted the song publicly in front of a group in Nashville that were attending Country Radio Seminar


From the Ryman Auditorium stage, he introduced the song by saying: “Let’s put it this way, most of us have been in dysfunctional relationships before, where there’s not a lot of compatibility, except for that one area where it’s so good you put up with all the rest.  A phone call or a night out and you’re right back where you shouldn’t be.”

“Messed Up As Me,” was produced by Keith’s longtime co-producer Dann Huff and is the second song from his album expected later this year.




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