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Here's How Being a Stepdad Has Changed Blake Shelton

Being a stepdad to Gwen Stefani's kids has changed Blake Shelton . . . for the better.  Quote, "When people say it's not about you anymore when you have a kid . . . I think if you're doing it right, it's not about you anymore.  That's true."


And he's having a positive impact on their lives, too.  Quote, "I get to teach them the country, you know, and I love that.


"Whether it's music, whether it's literally getting out, getting their hands in the dirt or being out on the ranch, seeing the animals, whatever, you know?  I absolutely love being the person that gets to introduce them to that stuff."


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Jelly Roll Builds Studio at Juvenile Detention Center He Was Sent to Growing Up

Jelly Roll is the perfect example of how you should live your life once you've hit celebrity status.  He's using his time and money for GOOD.  Case in point, he just built a music studio inside the Davidson County Juvenile Jail, a place where he spent a lot of time growing up.


He teamed up with a non-profit called "Beat for Life" that "aims to create songwriting and music programs for vulnerable populations across the country."  Also in attendance was the Mayor of Nashville, plus 35 hit songwriters.


Jelly said, "I never would've dreamed when I was sitting right there that I would one day come back and introduce the studio and all these songwriters would come out to support the cause and the [effing] Mayor would introduce me."


This got a huge laugh, then he said, "I would never guess this.  It wasn't in my bingo card in life." But this all means more to him than we might ever know.  He said later, "When I was in juvenile, we never got a visitor.  We never had a mentor . . . nobody ever came to see us."


He also performed for the incarcerated kids, who then got to sit down with songwriters and write their own songs.  And then if they wanted, they had the opportunity to showcase them to the whole room.

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Mom's Cancer Battle

After revealing that her mom Beverly battled and beat breast cancer, Miranda Lambert is reflecting on the new "perspective" that challenge taught her and her family.

Lambert explained that she never fully understood the toll cancer takes on a family until she experienced it herself.

"It really reiterated to me just how much something like that — how many people it touches, in bad and good ways. People come out of the woodwork to support you," she said.

"People don't understand the toughness of that — the stress on the entire family — until you've gone through it," Lambert continues. "So it was really eye-opening for my whole family. We're very close, so I couldn't do any of this without her."

Close is an understatement. Beverly Lambert is a crucial supporter in her daughter's career, especially as the co-founder of MuttNation, Lambert's non-profit supporting shelter pets and spay-and-neuter initiatives.

"She's my — well, my No. 1 fan, for obvious reasons," Miranda jokes. "The first run, I think we had eight shows — she came to nine. My mom was here when no one was here."

Of course, these days, Lambert's mom isn't her only No. 1 fan: She likely shares that title with the singer's husband of nearly five years, former New York City Police Department officer Brendan McLoughlin. But there are some key differences between the two: Lambert jokes that her mom has a little bit more of a "hype girl," while McLoughlin falls on the side of straight shooter.

"My husband tells me the truth. He gives the harsh reality," Lambert says with a laugh. "He likes to call me on my s--t, which I love, because everybody needs somebody in their life that's, like, the truth-teller. He's very New York about it."

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Morgan Wallen Arrested in Nashville

Morgan Wallen is currently facing three felony charges of reckless endangerment after Metro Nashville police officers say that he drunkenly threw a chair from the sixth floor of Eric Church’s Chief’s restaurant Sunday night.


Viewers claim that the chair landed on Broadway very close to the officers, who were later able to view a video of the singer throwing an object over the roof and laughing about it afterwards. Wallen’s bond was set at $15,520, and his next court date will be May 3, which is also the date of one of two scheduled concerts at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.


Wallen's attorney, Worrick Robinson, released a statement soon after, “At 10:53p Sunday evening Morgan Wallen was arrested in downtown Nashville for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. He is cooperating fully with authorities.”


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